NerdCon1 Podcast


1 Year Anniversary

Join Nick in a look at the past year of NerdCon1

Snyder Cut Review

The Crew talks about Zack Snyder's Justice League


The Crew talks about WandaVision and the future of the MCU

Game Remakes

The Crews as they talk about their thoughts on new remakes

Prized Collectables

The Crews as they talk about their favorite collectables

Guilty Pleasure Roundtable

The Crew talks about their guilty pleasures and more

Robert Seven shannon

The Crews as they talks with Seven from "Judas and the Black Messiah"

the 90's

The Crews as they talk about growing up with nerdom in the 90's

"The Pitch"

The Crews as they pitch shows and movies to the other cast members

Linear | Non Linear Wait What?!?

The Crews round table discussion of linear and non linear gaming

"That's so Fetch" Quests

The Crews round table discussion of fetch quests in gaming

Best and worst Weapons in Gaming

The Crews discusses what weapons they love and love to hate in gaming

A look at 2021

The Crews discusses what games, movies and shows they are excited for in 2021

The Holiday Star Wars Special

The Crews discusses their favorites amongst the Star wars Universe for the 2020 holiday special

Cyberpunk 2077

The Crews discusses their favorite Cyberpunk moments, gameplay and more

Whats with Vampires?

The Crews discusses where they favorite vampire topics as well as what the most plausible vampire would be

History in pop culture

The Crews Favorite historical references in pop culture

Wasteland or Technology?

The Crews discusses where they thing the future will land our civilization

Favorite RPG Games

The Crews Favorites forRPG Video Games

Games to Film

The Crews Favorites for video Game to Movie Adaptations

Halloween 20'

The Crews Favorites for Halloween

Game of Thrones

The Crews Favorite GOT Topics